Welcome to the public access area of our server.  This area is maintained so files may be transferred to your hard drive for approved usage. Files created by Marketing and Creative Services will remain available for no more than 21 days.  Please be sure and download your files as soon as possible.

If you are having difficulty accessing your files, please notify your Marketing and Creative Services contact so that we may verify the address is correct.  


William M. Plate Jr., Interim Director
561-297-2080 wplate@fau.edu

Laurie Donahue, Associate Director
561-297-3042 ldonahu2@fau.edu

Crystal Bacchus, Assistant Director
561-297-0096 cbacchus@fau.edu

Marlene Reno, Senior Office Administrator
561-297-1352 mbanks@fau.edu

Manny Cannatella, Graphic Designer
561-297-3024 ecannate@fau.edu

Jennifer Finestine, Graphic Designer
561-297-0391 jfinesti@fau.edu

Cheryl Halle, Web Designer
561-297-0391 challe@fau.edu

Marques Johnson, Graphic Designer
561-297-0336 mjohn207@fau.edu

Shawn Pennell, Graphic Designer
561-297-3696 spennell@fau.edu

Daniel Tasman, Marketing Assistant
561-297-4032 dtasman@fau.edu